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Teaching Young Learners Online Course




About this course

The purpose of this course is to improve your planning and management skills for teaching English to young children and teenagers.

This is a course that teaches you how to use practical strategies and activities to enable your young learners to learn English with confidence. By the end of the course, teachers will be able to reflect on their existing teaching methods and consider areas for development. Students should be preferably TESOL trained, experienced teachers or students with equivalent qualification.

Course Content

  1. Teaching English to Young Learners around the World
  2. The Child as a Language Learner
  3. Teaching Speaking to Young Learners
  4. Teaching Listening to Young Learners
  5. Teaching Reading to Young Learners
  6. Teaching Writing to Young Learners
  7. Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners
  8. Assessing Young Learners
  9. Working with parents of young learners
  10. key issues in teaching young learners

Admission requirements

  1. Completion of high school.
  2. Be fluent in English


On completion of your course, you will receive a certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners from Westminster College London (WCL).

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