There are many benefits available to alumni and associates of the Westminster College London. Every alumni and associate will receive a Physical Alumni Card used for multi purposes illustrated below. Please see the information to find out your eligibility:

1. Alumni status

  • ALL TEFL course graduates ( 150 hour TESOL , 450 hour TESOL, Ofqual TEFL)
  • All Business Administration course graduates

2. Associate status

  • Students who have passed a single accredited course other than TESOL. This category includes the following courses:
  1. Certificate in Teaching IELTS
  2. Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners
  3. Certificate in Teaching Business English
  4. Certificate in Teacher Training


The following table illustrates the benefits and services available to the different types of membership.

Alumni status Associate status
Westminster College Alumni Card Y Y
Registration on other Westminster College courses 25% discount Y Y
Careers advice and related benefits Y N
Educational offers Y Y (selected)
Events Y (all) Y (selected)
Access journals Y Y
Flight discounts Y N
 Fees  30 £ 0r 40 $  20 £ or 25 $


You can pay by visiting WCL online store

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