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Diploma in Business Administration

  /  Diploma in Business Administration

Our comprehensive Business Administration course can be completed in 3 ways :online, through blended learning or classroom learning.This course will give you thorough training for management learning with practical experience of the biggest companies as well as online units that will make your c.v stand out.

Built from the ground-up specifically for the global online learner, the MBA leverages insights gained from over a thousand global conversations held in ten regions of the world through the Business Education Jam. Each engaged leading employers and academics to inform a unique curriculum centered on the themes that drive business in the 21st century. The program also benefits from input and content from high-profile business alumni and partners around the world

Benefit from our outstanding reputation in thought leadership and be challenged by a host of different experiences. Enjoy a curriculum that can be tailored specifically to support your career path and choose whether to finish the programme in 15, 18 or 21 months. Immerse yourself in integrated project work, international exchanges, internships and a diverse range of electives. Above all, learn to thrive in today’s complex business environment and emerge as a well-rounded global leader, someone with the ability to act and succeed anywhere in the world.

Course content:


  1. Organising communication commercial letters
  2. Essential communications and strategic positions for meetings
  3. Incoterms and commercial usages
  4. Organising proforma invoice
  5. Currency supply and payments
  6. Enterprising an international business
  7. Clearance and customs


Part 1:

  1. Determining strategy and business plan
  2. Designing SWOT
  3. Core competencies
  4. Business strategy simulation games
  5. Management consulting
  6. BCG growth matrics

Part 2 :assignments

This part includes the specified assignments for practicing the theoretical parts. In this part all the participants are divided into 5 person groups that based on their management experience and level of their language they become a leader of a company and staff.
1.Make an strategy for a company
2.Have some negotiations
4.Provide SWOT
3.Make a plan
5.Do international negotiations based on letters and telephone conversations
6.Make an agreement


50% participation
50% presenting a practical project


Completion of high school
High intermediate level of English


On completion of your course , you will receive a certificate in Business Administration  from Westminster college of London.

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