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Training of Trainers
Westminster College London
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Training of Trainers

Training of Trainers


About this course

The Certificate in Teacher Training is suited to experienced and qualified TEFL/TESOL teachers who plan to move into the field of teacher training and who wish to train.

The best teacher-preparation programs emphasize subject-matter mastery and provide many opportunities for student teachers to spend time in real classrooms under the supervision of an experienced mentor. Just as professionals in medicine, architecture, and law have opportunities to learn through examining case studies, learning best practices, and participating in internships, exemplary teacher-preparation programs allow teacher candidates the time to apply their learning of theory in the context of teaching in a real classroom.

Many colleges and universities are revamping their education schools to include an emphasis on content knowledge, increased use of educational technologies, creation of professional-development schools, and innovative training programs aimed at career switchers and students who prefer to earn a degree online.

Admission requirements

  1. Certificate in TESOL
  2. Completion of high school.
  3. Be fluent in English


On completion of your course, you will receive a certificate in Teacher training from Westminster College London.

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