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Teaching Business English Online Course
Westminster College London
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Teaching Business English Online Course

Teaching Business English Online Course


About this course

This course is designed to improve your skills in teaching business English and receive Business English Certificates (BEC).


A. Background issues in Business and Business English
  1. Introduction to Business English
  2. Dealing with professional Content
  3. The Language of Business English
  4. Communication Skills in Business
  5. Management Skills in Business
  6. Communication across Cultures
B. Pedagogic Issues in Teaching Business English


Needs Analysis and course onjectives

Assessing entry levels

Programme outline and trainee briefing


Planning a lesson

Learning styles

Giving feedback

One-to-one teaching and group teaching

Teaching or training?

The scope of materials and equipment

    3. End of Course

Ending the course

Reviewing the course

Drafting the course report

C. Checklists
  1. Further reading
  2. Professional development for teachers of Business English
  3. Published materials in Business English
  4. Other sources of material for Business English
  5. Business English examinations
  6. Language for effective communication
  7. Areas of specialist vocabulary


Admission requirements

Completion of high school.
One of the following if you are not an English native speaker
1. High Intermediate level of English or
2. IELTS 6.5


On completion of your course, you will receive a Certificate in Teaching Business English from Westminster College London.



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