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450 Hour Online TESOL Course
Westminster College London
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450 Hour Online TESOL Course

450 Hour Online TESOL Course


About this course

Westminster College is a leading provider of courses in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). Our courses are delivered through WCL validated centres available in over 20 organisations worldwide. WCL’s teacher-training qualifications are among the most widely recognised and respected in their field.

This course is suitable for experienced teachers of ESOL hoping to work in an area or organisation that requires a an advanced course, eg more senior teaching positions, academic management, teacher training or work within the higher education sector. The 450 hour course in TESOL is ideal for those who want to further their skills and knowledge both for their own personal development and so that they can support and guide less experienced colleagues.


  1. Teachers and Learners
  2. Teaching Methodology
  3. Teaching Vocabulary
  4. Teaching Grammar
  5. Teaching Reading & Listening
  6. Teaching Writing & Speaking
  7. Teaching Pronunciation
  8. Teaching Large Classes
  9. Using Technology in the Classroom
  10. Classroom Management
  11. Corrective Feedback
  12. Lesson Planning
  13. Assessment
  14. Teaching Young Learners
  15. Learning English in the Secondary School
  16. Teaching English to Adults
  17. The English Department
  18. Linguistics
  19. ESP
  20. Language Teacher Education
  21. Materials Development & Resources
  22. Programme Design


Practicum is an essential component to a teacher’s training process, as it provides valuable insight and experience prior to obtaining independent teaching positions. WCL requires that all students accumulate a minimum of 6 hours for TEFL/TESOL certification. These hours can be achieved through observation, tutoring, student teaching or a combination of 2 or 3 of these in an ESL/EFL setting in which non-native speakers are learning new English language skills.


Our three learning blocks enable us to mark you fairly, using your reflective diaries (10% of your final grade), your assignments (40% of your grade), and your teaching practice (50% of your grade). So regardless of  your learning style you will be able to obtain a high score through hard work.

Admission requirements

  1. Completion of high school.
  2. Be fluent in English


On completion of your course, you will receive a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages  from Westminster College London (WCL).



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